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  09/08/2016   Fixed error in PDT File page concenring Officer Casualty Probability.
  08/06/2016   Added Robert Frost's Ammunition Algorithm to Enhanced HPS PDT File page.
  10/03/2015   site moved to
  08/06/2014   Added Robert Frost's Enhanced HPS PDT Files.
  02/15/2013   Pages updated for Overland changes.
  07/10/2010   Site moved from location
  09/15/2009   Fixed broken link for Weapons List and Visibility Files on PDT Files Explained page.
  03/13/2009   PDT Files Explained page updated.
  01/22/2009   Creating Maps pages added, minor adjustments to other pages
  12/07/2008   Engineering site moved to
  09/26/2008   Map File Explained page added.
  07/26/2008   ACWCO Engineering Site open for business.



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